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Colombia: Facts

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  • In 2012 around 2 millions foreigners visited Colombia.
  • Colombia is famous in the region for certain festivals such as the festival of flowers or the festival of vallenato.
  • Colombia is the second largest exporter of flowers behind Holland.
  • In Colombia you can cultivate all months because Colombia enjoys sunlight all through the year.
  • Colombia does not have any particular seasons because it lies close to the equator; its climate is tropical and according to the city you are you can experience the tropical heat on the coasts or even the snowfall in the mountainous areas.
  • Colombia is the second largest producer of blackberry.
  • Around 12% of the world’s coffee is produced in Colombia. its coffee is worldwide known as the best.
  • There are 80 native languages.
  • Colombia is known for the diverse population rich in history with European, African and American cultural influences.
  • Its cook is also diverse and with Spanish, Italian, French and Caribbean influences.
  • The Corota Island in Nariño state is the smallest natural park in the world.
  • Colombia is the third Country with the largest hydro capacity in the world.
  • The highest peak out here is the Pico Cristobal Colon at 19.020 feet (5.800 meters).
  • In Colombia there are 3.452 kind of orchid.
  • A study reveals that Colombia is the second happiest country in the World behind the Vanuatu Island in the Oceania.
  • Colombia has the world’s largest quantity of amphibious: 583 species.
  • Colombia is currently the first country in roller skating.
  • Colombian healthcare system is the best in Latin America and ranks 22th in the world.
  • Colombia’s best asset is its human capital.
  • More than 6 million hectares of available land to develop large scale of projects.
  • Colombia’s sugar industry is the most productive worldwide and the palm oil industry is the most productive in the region.
  • The Colombian area is said to be approximately equal to the areas of Portugal, France and Spain put altogether.
  • Bogotá, Cartagena, Eje cafetero, Cali, Medellín and San Andres and Santa Marta are some of the major places that are tourist attractions in Colombia.
  • Colombia is the second largest population of Spanish-speaking people.
  • About 10 percent of all animal species live in Colombia.


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