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Colombia: Figures

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Formal Name Republic of Colombia
Area 2.070.408 sq km
Population (est.) 46 millions
Capital Bogotá
Border Countries Panama, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador
Official Languages Spanish
National Flag Yellow, Blue and Red colors flag
Main Religion Roman Catholic
National Day 20th of July
Currency Colombian Peso
Annual Inflation rate, 2011 3.73%
GDP, 2011 US$ 340 Billions
FDI, 2011 US$ 15.032 Millions
Exports (2011) FOB US$ 56.178 Millions
Imports (2012) FOB US$ 58.000 Millions
Exchange rate (US), 5th FEB 2012 2.022,00
GDP Growth rate, 2011 5,70%

Source: InvestinCol analysis Proexport, DNP, DANE, World Bank, Minminas

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