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Why Colombia

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Business Environment

According to the World Bank Organization Colombia has been a top global reformer of business regulation in the last years. In 2010 the World Bank ranked Colombia as the most business friendly in Latin America. Placed 37 among 183 economies, Colombia is the best country in Latin America to do business with.

The economic climate index (ECI) also signaled that Colombia is the second country in LA with the best climate to do business with ( 2.011’s report -4Q-).


In today’s global and competitive market, Colombia provides strategic shipping advantages. With ports in both oceans, Atlantic and Pacific, Colombia serves as logistics platform to access markets worldwide. Colombia has negotiated FTA and IIA (international investment agreement) with more than 50 key partners.

Human Resources

Colombia is the third largest country in Latin America and regionally speaking it is considered as a country with top qualified level of professionals. It is also the second most qualified labor available and with the best index on rigidity of employment in the region. The literacy rate in Colombia is one of the highest in Latin America. Colombia’s best asset is its human capital.


Colombia has innumerable natural resources, multiple climates and a potential of unexploited land. Colombia is the world's best in protecting the environment and the best in LA of total areas protected.

The new BRIC

¨The new BRICs are Colombia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Egypt, Turkey and South Africa (CIVETS). They are countries with major population, dynamic, diverse economies, political stability and each of them has a brilliant future. Any company with global ambitions will have to take immediate action in these markets¨
Micheal Geoghegan, CEO HSBC
April 2010


  • Free Trade zones
  • Tax Break on sales
  • Income Tax reduction
  • Tiered royalties
  • Stability contracts of exploration and exploitation activities
  • Mining concessionaire is autonomous on technical, economical and commercial issues.
  • According to the World Bank Colombia is the fifth country in the world and the first in Latin America that most protects investors. More than 700 multinational companies have investments in Colombia.

Latin America

Colombia the third largest populated country in Latin America and it is one of the best economic performances in the region in terms of exports, FDI and tourism. Predicted by the government, Colombia is currently the third economy in Latin America with a GDP of more than USD 400 billion.

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